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Need new healthy recipes and a fresh source of inspiration? Our food columnist Eve Kalinik presents four of her favourite bloggers.

Linda Lomelino creates some of the most spectacular images out of a deep love of baking and photography. Eye-popping pictures that look and taste heavenly make baking seem like an art in itself. And while her recipes stay true to traditional ingredients, there are also plenty of gluten-free and vegan delicacies featured, too. Every recipe has a unique twist and is anything but apologetic – the deluxe carrot cake and the Guinness chocolate cake recipes spring to mind. I love the fact that her approach reiterates the point of everything in moderation: there is no restriction or deprivation, just soul-nourishing and enticing feel-good food. Yes, it really is OK to have your cake and eat it, particularly when it looks this amazing. call-me-cupcake.blogspot.co.uk

Chic comfort food best describes the dishes on this vibrant and rather aptly named blog, The Clever Carrot. The author, Emilie Raffa, celebrates a diverse, all-inclusive and balanced approach to eating well. This means no food is out of bounds but cooking from scratch is a must. She shows you how to make all of her tasty dishes with minimal fuss, inexpensively and with plenty of time-saving tips, too. The fried cauliflower with dill yoghurt sauce or warm squash salad with apricot and manchego demonstrate that you can make healthy, nourishing and delicious food without spending hours at the stove. theclevercarrot.com

emilie raffa
Left: Italian almond ricotta cake. Right: Emilie Raffa, author of The Clever Carrot.

Green Kitchen Stories is a blog created by David Frenkiel, Luise Vandahl and their daughter Elsa, and I’ve been a fan since the release of their first book. Now with another two books under their belt and a huge following, they continue to make the most mouth-watering recipes that are hearty and healthy. They believe that ‘eating is about feeling good, not following rules’. Putting vegetables at the heart of the plate is their philosophy, demonstrated in dishes such as green pea, millet and mint frittatas, Portobello and peach burger or a baked herb and pistachio falafel. Suddenly the concept of meat-free Monday has a whole new appeal. greenkitchenstories.com

Championing seasonal, local and organic produce, each of the stunning recipes on Harvest is a true celebration of real foods.

Renée Kemps is a girl after my own heart. Championing seasonal, local and organic produce, each of the stunning recipes on her blog, Harvest, is a true celebration of real foods. Wholeheartedly promoting a deeper understanding and connection with our food, every recipe draws you in with an engaging story. The blog is artistic, authentic and largely inspired by her time spent in Scandinavia. Dishes such as the sourdough spelt pizza topped with fresh cheeses or the pumpkin and sage tortellini showcase flavoursome ingredients at their best. Honest food and completely inspiring. reneekemps.com

green kitchen storires
Left: David Frenkiel, Luise Vandahl and their daughter Elsa, authors of Green Kitchen Stories. Right: Lentil rice patties with dates, pomegranate and feta.
renÉe kemps
Left: Spring greens and herb salad with fresh goat’s cheese. Right: Renée Kemps, author of Harvest.

Eve Kalinik is a BANT and CNHC registered nutritional therapist and a passionate foodie; follow her on Twitter and Instagram @evekalinik or visit evekalinik.com

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