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Chloe Kernaghan, co-founder of cult yoga studio Sky Ting Yoga, shares her favourite places to eat, explore and escape the demands of city life.

Interview by Alice Jeffery .


‘I love making breakfast at home but if I have an early morning class there are a few spots I’ll always go. [All of us at Sky Ting Yoga] love Dimes (dimesnyc.com), which is this really cute restaurant towards Chinatown that also has a deli where you can get food to go. If I’m closer to Tribeca, I love Smile To Go (thesmilenyc.com), which is an offshoot of a restaurant called The Smile in the SoHo/NoHo area.’

Chloe Kernaghan (left) and Krissy Jones, co-founders of Sky Ting Yoga


‘A restaurant called Lalo (lalo.nyc) recently opened up near my house, which I absolutely love. It’s great for brunch, lunch or dinner after teaching a class because I don’t have to walk too far. The chef is from Mexico City but he serves a really interesting fusion of healthy, thoughtful ingredients and Mexican flavours.

Coming Soon, New York

‘I really love Japanese food, so I often go to sushi for dinner if I’m eating out. There is a place in The Village called Tomoe (tomoesushi.com), which is no reservations so you have to just show up and hope the line isn’t too long. But the sushi is good quality and it’s a simple Japanese space, so I love going there for a meal.

‘In Chinatown there is an amazing home goods store called Coming Soon (comingsoonnewyork.com). They have some of the most beautiful glassware and furniture and fun little kitschy pieces. If I ever need a gift for someone or something for my apartment, it’s a great place to go.’


‘My friend has a cocktail bar called The Ship (theshipnyc.com) on Lafayette Street. He came to the US from the Dominican Republic, not speaking English and worked his way up in some of the top cocktail places in the city. Now he has opened this beautiful, cavernous bar. All the cocktails are delicious. And right across the street there is a really great, tiny karaoke bar called Baby Grand (babygrandnyc.com). It has to be a certain kind of night but my friends and I will go and sing our hearts out.’

The Ship, New York
The Ship, New York


‘I generally work weekends but [Krissy Jones, co-founder of Sky Ting Yoga and I] are pretty good at giving ourselves time throughout the week to switch off and do our own thing. Near Chinatown there is a great theatre called The Metrograph (metrograph.com). They show limited runs on some new releases but also a lot of old movies that they’re bringing back. It’s nice to go and reminisce about a movie you haven’t seen in years or maybe a movie you’ve never seen before but always wanted to on the big screen.

‘Another way I unwind is to go to a spa. Aire Ancient Baths (ancientbathsny.com) is near our Tribeca studio. They have a floatarium, like a salt pool that you can float through which is really cool, and then they have a mix of really hot baths, warm baths and cold plunge pools.’


‘One of the spaces that’s always been inspiring for me is actually way uptown, so I don’t get there very often. There is a park called Fort Tryon Park in the Washington Heights area where The Metropolitan Museum of Art has an offshoot called The Met Cloisters (metmuseum.org). It’s literally stone buildings that have been imported from medieval Europe and set amid the park, right on the Hudson. I find that when I make the time to go up there I could sit under a tree for hours because of the energy and the simplicity of everything. The land is slightly higher than most of the city, so you’re on a hill looking over the rest of Manhattan – it really gives you some perspective.’

The Met Cloisters, Fort Tyron Park, New York



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