‘I love to wear high-waisted trousers to events and parties. I feel comfortable in them. Saying that, I did wear beautiful brocade trousers with flats to a wedding last summer and felt totally cool in the afternoon, but when the evening came, I wished that I was in high heels and a fancy frock. I wear jeans all the time, too. At the moment I favour styles that are not super high-waisted but still sit high, with a straight leg. I like black, blue or a washed-out deep grey.’


‘I love a long-sleeved dress and my favourite hem length is mid-calf, just before the ankle, so it’s still sexy. You can wear this length with mid-heel pointy boots, or flats look nice, too. I like to wrap myself in a scarf over a dress. I have a big, taupe pashmina from an old French cashmere house, Eric Bompard, that I’ve lost and re-purchased three times!’


‘I’ve started wearing a black suit skirt and jacket, and I have a black trouser suit that I love as well. The jacket hugs the waist and has rounded shoulders – it’s the most beautiful jacket I’ve ever seen.’


‘I have a beige, tweed, double-breasted jacket that I bought in Berlin about 10 years ago and still wear all the time. I find new ways to revive it each year. Last year, I wore it with a scarf wrapped around the waist and recently I have been wearing it with long evening skirts. It’s the perfect cut, neither too skinny nor too voluminous, with a nipped-in waist.’
‘For evening, I always carry a clutch, even if it’s just a wash bag. I think you feel and stand differently with something lighter. I don’t really do handbags, but I do love a classic basket shape and have a brown leather style that I’ve had for a very long time. It’s mid-sized as I like a bag that’s too big to put on your shoulder. I also love fabric shoppers, and have denim, cotton and studded styles.’


‘I wear a near white shirt almost every day with dark jeans – and funny socks. For the Paris shows, I packed about seven shirts in white and cream. Some had ruffles, some polka-dots and some were vintage designer. I wore them with a black A-line skirt I have – with a split in the front that sits just below the knee – and over-the-knee vintage gold Biba boots.’


‘I like to wear flats and boyish shoes as they go with absolutely anything, from mannish clothes to chic skirts. I like to experiment with unique textures – I’m currently wearing ponyskin and suede flats with bright red fishnet socks and black jeans. But perhaps English eccentricity has rubbed off on me more than most French girls. I’ve also got a pair of brown flats with a buckle that I often wear, too.’


Alors! As I’ve got older, I love to wear jewellery. I never used to care or I’d forget, but now I wear a vintage gold art-deco ring every day that my boyfriend bought for me. It’s not a question of value – and I’m not particularly into diamonds or anything massive – but I feel jewellery brightens up my hands and face. I never used to iron my clothes, either. I’ve passed my scruffy phase, and now I wear jewellery and an ironed shirt every day!’
‘I don’t like garter belts, but I do wear stay-ups. I started wearing them when I was pregnant and felt that tights were horrible, while stockings were light and cooling. I love hosiery and I adore socks. I also like to wear very fine tights in autumnal colours such as green, purple, navy and grey.’
‘I buy men’s pyjamas. I’m not fussy about where they are from, or whether they are monogrammed with my initials. I wear my grandfather’s pyjamas, which are beige with a brown trim. My lingerie is feminine, though.’
Hair and make-up by Rachel Karen.
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