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We have a responsibility as a company to ensure we are following best environmental, social and economic practices. Below are our key aims.

1. Environmental Stewardship

  • Minimising the use of all resources, including energy and materials
  • Aiming for ‘zero waste’ and honouring our product stewardship commitments
  • Preventing pollution
  • Providing products and services that reduce adverse impacts on the environment
  • Prototyping innovative solutions

2. Social Wellbeing

  • Optimising our customer experience, ensuring employee welfare
  • Making a positive contribution to the local and global communities in which we operate
  • Engaging with our stakeholders

3. Economic Prosperity

  • Responsibly creating long-term top- and bottom-line growth
  • Ensuring good governance
  • Maintaining our social license – ongoing approval by stakeholders and the wider community – to operate
  • Contributing to the transition to a regenerative low-carbon economy


Sustainable procurement is the integration of values throughout the entire value chain that ensures environmental and social impacts are embedded alongside the traditional business performance indicators. This holistic approach ensures that procured goods and services are measured not only for their impact on the bottom line, but also to the wider environment.


We believe sustainable procurement can drive sustainability innovation.


Our Supplier Code of Conduct allows us to manage our environmental, ethical and social risks, protect our business reputation and make our resources go further. We take a partnership approach to working with our suppliers through engagement, training and ongoing support, so we can improve together.

Ensuring sustainability is a key part of our tenders and contracts, which also encourages our suppliers to produce more sustainable goods and services.


Download our Sustainability Strategy Update as a PDF here.

MATCHESFASHION Sustainability Strategy Update (PDF)


At MATCHESFASHION we believe that everyone has a part to play. We are committed to building a working environment with a balanced and inclusive culture. We want people to be themselves and be inspired to do their best work. We value difference and it’s key in driving innovation – and innovation is the magic which gives us our advantage as a brand.


Download our latest Gender Pay Gap report as a PDF here.

MATCHESFASHION Gender Pay Gap report (PDF)

Download archive statements as PDF:



Download our latest Modern Slavery Statement as a PDF here.

MATCHESFASHION Modern Slavery Statement (PDF)

Download archive statements as PDF:

Discover what we do to ensure sustainability best practice, our position on certain materials, our responsibility as a company and what we expect from partners.