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Discover more about our new sustainability partnership with Eco-Age and our commitments to ensure best practice.


We are proud to share a commitment we have made to create a better way of working. ..
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We have embarked on a partnership with Eco-Age, the brand consultancy specialising in bespoke sustainability solutions, to position sustainable and ethical practices at the heart of our own business, and across our partnerships.


Our aim is to place responsible business practices at the heart of our company. We will continue our forward-looking focus on innovation and partnerships to drive positive social and environmental change within our business and across our relationships. We actively seek out suppliers who share a commitment to our values, as well as internationally recognised standards and appropriate codes of practice.

At all times, we encourage best practice, innovation and continuous improvement across the following key areas:


To make sure we promote best practice, we will:

  • Develop environmentally conscious packaging options and increase the efficiency of our logistics footprint
  • Promote MATCHESFASHION as a dynamic, diverse and innovative place to work
  • Conduct our business to the highest ethical standards
  • Actively engage with customers on sustainability to help them make informed decisions


To deepen partnerships with brands, and promote the uptake of responsible business within our value chain, we will:

  • Distribute our Code of Conduct to all our brands. This clearly denotes our expectations of all brands, in relation to their business conduct and use of controversial materials
  • Undertake assessments of brands to ensure they have processes in place to meet our high standards
  • Where necessary, provide guidance and support to brands that are starting their responsible business journey or those that just want to do more

Discover what we do to ensure sustainability best practice, our position on certain materials, our responsibility as a company and what we expect from partners.