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Christine Centenera, co-founder of the innovative capsule wardrobe label, discusses the concept behind the collections, as seen on three friends and creatives who inspire her.

Words by Lauren Milligan.


The brainchild of Vogue Australia fashion director Christine Centenera and designer Josh Goot, Wardrobe.NYC is the direct-to-consumer brand built around the concept of a foundation wardrobe of five to six pieces to wear interchangeably for different occasions.  ‘I travel a lot so I really need pieces to be versatile – that's always the main thing these days,’ Centenera explains of her personal style, which helped inspire the label’s launch. ‘I think I'm fairly classic with a bit of an edge. I like feeling well put-together which is why I love and have always invested heavily in tailoring. I think it really frames the body, makes most people look and feel good.’

Together with Goot, Centenera has built a collection of pieces that celebrate the clean modernity and pleasingly straightforward logic in uniform dressing: perfectly cut pieces in luxurious fabrics that can be worn anywhere without fuss. The hardest-working pieces in my wardrobe is the leggings from Release 01 and 03; and the blue denim jacket from our most recent Release 04 in collaboration with Levi's,’ she says. ‘And the blazer from Release 01. I literally don't go anywhere without it.’

For the first time, Wardrobe.NYC’s capsule pieces will now be available to purchase individually from MATCHESFASHION.COM. Here, Centenara chooses three friends and creatives who inspire her to showcase the menswear and womenswear collections. ‘They're all Australian, all close friends and all with an individual, unique sense of style,’ she says simply. ‘They’re all just good people.’


‘The older I get the more I only want to surround myself with nice, motivated, inspiring, interesting people,’ Centenera says. ‘Joel is my boyfriend and has a classic and effortless way of putting himself together which I love.’

Joel Edgerton is an actor, director, writer, producer and filmmaker: ‘I see them all under the same umbrella of storytelling,’ he explains. An accomplished veteran of the stage and both the small and big screen, he received a raft of nominations for his performance in Loving – a 2016 film about a couple arrested in 1960s Virginia for interracial marriage – and wrote the screenplay for and directed 2018’s critically acclaimed Boy Erased, a film about gay conversion therapy, which is a subject he feels strongly about highlighting. ‘I love making films,’ he says. ‘To me it’s a chance to create and tell stories on a broad canvas. I love the collaborative aspect of it and the personal permit of creating character, devising narrative and actualising any project.’ While his day-to-day style is low-key, with a focus on easy pieces and well-made accessories, he’s recently learned to enjoy dressing up. ‘I used to feel uncomfortable in tuxedos, but I kind of embrace them now. I enjoy putting on good suits like an armour.’


‘Nicole has great personal style, and is just the loveliest person,’ Centenera says. ‘We moved from Australia to New York at a similar time so we've been on a similar journey from a work and life perspective.’

Raised in Sydney, South Korean-born influencer and creative digital consultant Nicole Warne has built an international brand from her own style. The growth of her website, Gary Pepper Girl, has seen her listed as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30. ‘After 10 years in the industry I love that I can collaborate with brands who trust me to head up creative projects from start to finish, and also that I get to lead my incredible team and collaborate with so many talented creatives in the industry,’ she says. Her style she notes, ‘reflects the Australian aesthetic: minimal, relaxed, unpretentious,’ and – like Wardrobe.NYC – she finds ‘sophistication in simplicity’.


‘Jordan is one of my oldest, dearest friends whose jewellery brand I'm obsessed with and wear every day,’ Centenera says.

British Fashion Award-winning jewellery designer Jordan Askill has recently joined Centenara and Warne as an Australian in New York. His career has seen him launch his eponymous jewellery label via stints in the design team at Alexander McQueen and Dior Homme. ‘After being in fashion I began to do sculpture and then slowly got into jewellery – which is sort of the same thing,’ he laughs. ‘I design little objects you can wear, basically.’ Askill champions a uniform of black and easy pieces that are interchangeable: ‘I wear mostly black and I like to be comfortable. I always like to think that I could go on an adventure.’

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